Foto: Näringsdepartementet

Photo: Näringsdepartementet

The Swedish government has declared its ambition to become world-leading in sustainable fashion. On Tuesday May 30, the Government Chancellor arranged the event “the sustainable Swedish fashion wonder”, highlighting the unique Swedish advantage for sustainable fashion thanks to its successful Swedish fashion industry, advanced research and innovation investments on sustainable fashion and well-established forest industry with high potential for bio economy. By synchronizing existing efforts and initiatives on circular economy for the textile value chain is assessed to increase overall impact. Thus the workshop was around how to collectively join forces in making Sweden a role model for sustainable fashion, on production, on consumption and recycling. Sweden aim to leading the way in line its contribution to with the global sustainable development goals.  A dedicated working group with representatives from research and relevant industry leads the development work of a national plan, which will be presented fall 2017. The participating organizations in the workgroup are Mistra Future Fashion/RISE, Swerea, Smart Textiles, TEKO, Swedish Fashion Council, H&M, Filippa K, Svensk Handel and Renova (recycling).