The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), in partnership with several global fashion brands and stakeholders, will launch the new ‘Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action’ later in 2018. Mistra Future Fashion’s Program Director Sigrid Barnekow was one of the key drivers behind the dialogue leading up to the fashion industry charter.

During the 2018 Textile Sustainability Conference in Milan this week, the content of the UNFCCC ‘Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action’ was presented. The charter is designed to align with the Paris Agreement and includes greenhouse gas emission reduction as well as a decrease in coal-driven power generators. One of the more concrete goals is a commitment to at least a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions throughout the entire apparel industry value chain by 2030.

The apparel industry is a global industry and therefore change needs to happen on a global scale. Collaboration across borders and industries are crucial in creating a less harmful fashion industry. The UNFCCC Fashion Charter aims to build on already established collaborations and to create a platform for additional partnership in sustainable development to ensure a global impact.

The charter is the result of an ongoing dialogue between brands such as Puma, Adidas, C&A, Hugo Boss, H&M and FIlippa K together with representatives from fabric manufacturer, recycling associations and fiber innovators. In January 2018 38 representatives from the fashion industry, including Mistra Future Fashion Program Director Sigrid Barnekow, were gathered in Bonn to assess the possibilities of a joint climate action program. As a direct result the cooperative document will be launched at COP24 in December.

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Mistra Future Fashion is honored to have been a part of the work leading up to the charter and the initiative is open for additional companies and organizations to join. The final design of the charter, as well as a platform for further dialogue will be officially launched in December 2018, at COP24 in Poland.

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