the program

The Mistra Future Fashion program is a cross-disciplinary research program that holds uniquely a system perspective on the fashion industry. Its vision is to close the loop in fashion and clothing – enabling a systemic change in the Swedish fashion industry, leading to a sustainable development of the industry and society.

The program aims to deliver insights and solutions that will be used by the Swedish fashion industry and by other stakeholders to significantly improve the environmental performance and strengthen the global competitiveness.

To ensure a dynamic and robust relationship between the research community and practitioners working in or with the Swedish Fashion industry, the program consists of a consortium of relevant parties. Key focus is to ensure that Sweden leads within sustainability research and practice related to the fashion industry. The consortium consists of over 50 research and industry partners and holds a total budget of SEK 110 millions.

The program started in 2011 and was prolonged with a second phase from 2015 until 2019. The main findings of the first phase, pointing out the direction of the second phase, was gathered in a Future Fashion Manifesto in September 2015.

Mistra Future Fashion is funded by Mistra, The Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research, and coordinated by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.

the team

Dr. Åsa Östlund

Program Director
+46 708 41 62 11


Ass. Professor Susanne Sweet

Research Manager
+46 8-736 95 42

Malin Viola Wennberg

Communications Manager
+46 10 516 69 42

Dr. Kate Goldsworthy

Theme Leader 1 – Design
University of the Arts London

Dr. Sandra Roos

Theme Leader 2 – Supply

Ass. Professor Claudia Rademaker

Theme Leader 3 – Users
Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University

Maria Gunnarsson

Theme Leader 4 – Recycling

the board

Nick Morley


Anna-Karin Jönbrink


Michael Lind

Dedicated Institute

Philip Warkander

Lund University

Mathilda Tham

Linnaeus University & Goldsmiths, University of London


Elin Larsson

Filippa K

Helena Waker

Stockholm Fashion District

Felicia Reuterswärd


Malin Lindgren

Co-opted, Contact at Mistra

industry partners

To ensure relevant research insights and solutions that benefit the fashion industry, the program involves broad range of representatives from business, government, NGOs. The research is conducted by 13 research partners and done in cooperation with industry partners, all consolidated into a big consortium.

In order to act in line with the vision – to enable a systemic change – all new knowledge is public and available to all within fashion industry. Therefore the scope of consortium partners are wide and holds today around 40 industry partners, both Swedish and International. Partners have possibility to provide input and advise on areas that are relevant and to learn first new results and knowledge.

The level of engagement differ based on partner involvement preferences; there are three partner levels:

Research Partner (engaged in direct research tasks with materials, tools or advice)
Stakeholder Partner (engaged in specific tasks, supporting with an active role)
Advisory Partner (engaged in meetings, providing advisory input)

  • FOV Fabrics

    Produces and develops high technology woven fabrics. FOV is a leading manufacturer of fabrics for sport, leisure and fashion.  FOV’s entire production is carried out in-house, resulting in complete control of the production process. When producing cutting-edge technology fabrics, every detail counts. This is why FOV employs a fully integrated production process, consisting of warping, weaving, dyeing, laminating, coating, finishing, printing and a well equipped lab for quality control and product development.

  • H&M

    H&M’s business idea is to offer fashion and quality at the best price in a sustainable way. H&M has as one of the first companies in the world that set out the vision to become 100% circular and is one of the world’s largest users of innovative sustainable materials, working to make fashion sustainable and sustainability fashionable.


    An innovative Swedish outdoor company with a complete range from underwear to shell garments. Products where durability and function always go hand-in-hand – neither is of any value without the other. Houdini has a progressive and uncompromising approach to performance, style and sustainability.

  • I:CO

  • KappAhl

    With respect for people and the environment, KappAhl creates affordable fashion of their own design to many people. Today, 38 percent of the company’s products are sustainable. KappAhl is one of the leading Nordic fashion chain with almost 380 stores in four countries and Shop Online.

  • Lauffenmuehle

  • Lindex

    Lindex is one of Europe’s leading fashion chains, with more than 490 stores in 18 markets. Our business concept is to offer inspiring and affordable fashion. The Lindex selection encompasses a variety of fashion concepts within women’s wear, men’s wear, kids’ wear and lingerie for women who are interested in fashion. Lindex is part of the Finnish-listed Stockmann group.

  • QuizRR

    A digital educational tool and platform that support global buyers to manage risk, help suppliers to generate business and in the process train millions of workers on their rights and responsibilities. With QuizRR, the supplier can perform trainings for their employees at any time and level, measure and share results with global buyers.

  • TEKO

  • Textilimportörerna

  • Uniforms FTD

  • Wargön Innovation


    A Swedish company that has made it their mission to keep mothers in comfort and style through pregnancy and nursing. When you buy a garment from Boob, you buy a product that has been produced with care for people as well as planet.

  • Martinsson

    Martinson – part of Fristads Kansas Sweden AB -is a manufacturer and supplier of work-, patient- and surgical clothing to health care sector. Our focus is to act sustainable, invest time and effort to find sustainable textiles with the right features and comfort for the users.

  • Myrorna

    A non-profit organization which by reuse and job training works for a more humane and sustainable society. We are the largest collection actor and chain of second-hand goods. The economic surplus of Myrorna goes to the Salvation Army’s social work.

  • New Wave Group

    A growth company that develops products and brands within the divisions Corporate Promo, Sports & Leisure and Gifts & Home Furnishings. New Wave has a portfolio of more than 40 well-known brands with global market presence. The Group has 2200 employees in 20 countries. New Wave is engaged in several textile sustainability initiatives. During 2015, a complete eco-labelled garment collection was launched.

  • Röda Korset

  • Tyg-Till-Tyg

  • Eton

    Eton Shirts have crafted fine men’s shirts since 1928, the original factory and headquarters remain in Gånghester, Sweden, where the very first shirts were sewn. Evolving from Swedish craftsmanship and attention to detail, Eton can be found in 49 markets. We constantly improve and innovate fine shirt making by using only the best raw materials and by working closely with renowned spinners, weavers and finishers.

  • Filippa K


  • Green Strategy

    A dedicated and innovative consultancy firm specializing in sustainability and circularity issues of the fashion and textile industry. The company provides support to all fashion companies in Sweden and internationally, from small businesses to large international chains. Our long term vision is to contribute to a more sustainable fashion and apparel industry, through high quality tailored consultancy services.

  • Södra

  • Curatorz

  • Textilia

    Offers smart, environmentally friendly and cost-effective textile service solutions for quality-conscious customers within Healthcare, Hospitality and industry in the Nordic region. This means that we every day wash and deliver 100 tons of work clothes and textiles all over the country and help hardworking people feel pride and dignity in the midst of a tough reality.

  • Swedish Stockings

  • The Swedish Consumers’ Association

    An independent organisation with 23 member organisations. We aim for consumers’ right to influence, to exercise their rights and the possibility to make conscious choices. We work through lobbying, opinion building and dissemination of knowledge.

  • Nudie Jeans

    A Swedish denim brand founded in 2001. Since fall 2012 our whole jeans collection is made in 100% organic cotton. The work we do centers around our eco cycle, following the life of a pair of jeans, from a pair of dry jeans, through our repair service, selling second hand jeans and finally recycling.

  • Senstex

  • WRSD

  • Wiges

  • Korallen

    A family business that started in 1985. Korallen’s business concept is to offer services in the textile and clothing industry, focusing primarily on the customers’ needs and desires. The environment has always been a focus for us at Korallen, a value system that was set early on by the founder Tage Andersson. Our business should always be as environmentally friendly as possible. The dyeing works constantly to improve and innovate their processes when new products come on the market. Lower water consumption, energy consumption and bad chemicals are substances that are constantly treated.

  • Helly Hansen

    Founded in Norway in 1877, Helly Hansen continues to develop professional-grade apparel that helps people stay and feel alive.  Through insights drawn from living and working in the world’s harshest environments, the company has developed a long list of first-to-market innovations, including the first supple waterproof fabrics almost 140 years ago. Other breakthroughs include the first fleece fabrics in the 1960s, the first technical base layers in the 1970s, made with Lifa® Stay Dry Technology, and today’s award winning and patented H2Flow® temperature regulating system.

  • Sabina and friends

    Sabina and friends works like a membership club where you borrow a certain amounts of garments every months, but you can also borrow for special occasions. The business idea is based on sustainability, we want to offer the market an environmentally friendly, simple and economical alternative to overconsumption. The basic idea is that you as a member can easily vary your wardrobe with clothes that are unique with good quality. We have clothing in all sizes to suit all occasions: a day at the city, the business meeting, the mingled party, or if you just want to feel very nice and stand out a little extra!


    For over 35 years TEXAID has been helping to preserve natural resources and the environment by collecting, sorting and recycling used textiles. Combining economic activity with social involvement and ecological responsibility TEXAID prolongs the lifespan of used textiles, provides recycled raw materials for industrial uses and generates funds for renowned charity organizations. At our sorting plants in Switzerland, Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary and Morocco, more than 1,000 employees care about our responsibility towards the environment, people and society by helping to give used textiles a new life.

  • Remake

    Remake is the sustainable fashion and design brand of the voluntary organization Stockholm Stadsmission. Through social business and reuse of textiles, Remake aim towards a sustainable fashion production with a unique business model.

  • Residus

    Residus idea is to create essential and long-lasting pieces, to move away from the quick trends, and to create a sustainable and circular movement by creating dresses in leftover fabrics. We always try to source locally first. We seek to work with those using eco-friendly manufacturing processes and practice fair and safe labor. We aim to live up to all terms of environmental performance, accountability and transparency. For the garments that we produce in new fabrics we work with a certified GOTS factory in Portugal that is striving to work sustainable in all possible ways.

  • Recyctec

    Recyctec’s business idea is to purify used glycol so it can be reused as an industrial environmentally friendly glycol. Recyctec strives to develop and produce different types of sustainable EarthCare Glycol – products, and to reduce the company’s environmental impact by effectively using energy and resources during the life cycle of glycol.

  • TechniaTranscat

    TechniaTranscat is a leading global supplier of IT solutions for creating and managing product information throughout the entire product lifecycle.

  • Lenzing

    The Lenzing Group is a world market leader headquartered in Austria, with production sites and sales and marketing offices in all major markets. Lenzing supplies the global textile and nonwovens industry with high-quality, botanic cellulose fibers such as Lenzing Modal® branded fibers, TENCEL® branded lyocell fibers and Refibra™ branded lyocell fibers. Its portfolio ranges from dissolving pulp to standard and specialty cellulose fibers. Lenzing is committed to the principles of sustainable management and very high environmental standards.

  • Åhléns