Researcher Hjalmar Granberg at Innventia has presented our first “Concepts & Textile Sampling for Short-Life Garments”, e.g. materials samples and technical records that adds extra layer of knowledge to design scenarios for garment prototypes. The aim of this task was to tune the development of textile-like paper samples that are to feed into the Design Theme track of ‘fast-forward fashion’ and to deliver demonstrator materials that are later elaborated and transformed into demonstrators. The challenge was to produce a paper base material suitable for clothing use which feels like cashmere inheriting the characteristics cream colour, grammage 250 g/m2, good formation, strength, no de-lamination, textile-like properties after creping and welding. The technical report include the process of translating material design brief from designer reserachers (at UAL) into a technical one for materials sampling (at Innventia). This will be used as base for the future upcoming development of garment prototypes during 2017-18.