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Today Huffington Post UK published Earley’s thoughts on last week’s loud voices about the fashion industry and its acting when it comes to being ethical and sustainable, and all the negativity and criticism of the efforts of the industry. The two big campaigns last week – Fashion Revolution and H&M’s Recycling week, tackle two different issues of the linear lifecycle of fashion; the beginning – about the people who make the clothes and, the end – what to do with the textile waste. Earley express her support to both campaigns, however argues the ‘vitriol’ expressed in the media is unnecessary and signifies a lack of joined up thinking; not looking at the complete circle. “If all parties look at the industry as a whole being then we have more potential to transform it. What is needed is a total makeover”.  Negativity is not productive, all sectors of the industry need a systemic change, including consumers and producers. “How are we going to do that, when the most significant players in the industry are seemingly at odds with each other?” All efforts to enable progress are important, step by step, and together all need to be part of the transformation.

Rebecca Earley has been a researcher within the Mistra Future Fashion program since start 2011.

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