Both our researchers Becky Earley and Kate Goldsworthy were April 14th part of H&M’s 100% Circular Lab event in London. Theme leader of Design, Dr. Kate Goldsworthy, shared the latest research on strategic design for circular economy in a break out session on A holistic approach to circularity and the need for circular design. The event discussed the transition from a linear to a circular business model, which is one of the key challenges for the fashion industry. H&M shared some of their experiences so far and released new ambitions. They started their journey a few years ago with setting up a worldwide garment collecting system. Since then, they have launched the first collection made of recycled material created from such collected clothes. However, much more innovation will be needed to create full circularity. H&M invited inspiring and industry leading key note speakers and an insightful panel to discuss the next steps towards a circular future, not only for H&M but the entire fashion industry. H&M shared their vision to become 100% circular and Ellen MacArthur, from the Ellen MacArthur foundation, as key note speaker talked inspirationally about circular economy and why we need a systemic change.

The event took place April 14th and first part of the event is available online: H&M 100% Circular Lab livestream link