green textiles guide

The Green Textiles Guide is a result of Mistra Future Fashion attempts to move towards eco-efficient textile materials and processes.

The guide is a tool meant to support the fashion industry and the public sector. Within the project we wanted to fill a gap in the currently existing multitude of tools. Therefore an overview of the existing tools was made, identifying that different tools have different functions, such as inspiring, educating or measuring.

A couple of current gaps were identified as:

  • Quantitative footprint tools (qualitative measurements means that you cannot compare how large the impact is from e.g. pesticide use in agriculture compared to impact from waste water emissions at a dye house, or even compare production phase with the use phase.)
  • Whole life cycle coverage  (Looking at just one part of the life cycle might lead to suboptimization.)
  • Lack of important environmental parameters
  • Toxicity and land use are often not described together with climate change, water etc.
  • Seldom links between product level and societal level.
  • Lack of information in Swedish.

We have tried to fill some gaps within the program, and constructed this Green Textiles Guide where you can find relevant information depending on your role; consumer, designer or supply chain/marketing manager. The guide is structured so to appeal different parties, consumers, designers, and supply chain/marketing managers.

Download the Green Strategy Guide