On June 8, the first Value to Others seminar was held to a group of Swedish designers and fashion practitioners on strategic design thinking for circular design. Starting point was the industry pilot project Circular Design Speeds with Filippa K, to share the concept but foremost invite the attendees to be part of a learnings journey throughout the project next coming year. The seminar was led by inspiring Professor Rebecca Earley and included a practical workshop where the speed of usage of garments was explored. The aim was to start thinking process to generate new insights and circular possibilities for practice. The Circular Design Speeds project spans over 2 years where the researchers from University of the Arts London has the possibility to  research, development and test of new strategic design for 100% circular and durable fashion items in real industry context at Filippa K. The focus is on the life cycle of a specific garment, that is, how long the life of textiles and garments actually has. There will be two additional Value to Others seminars (Oct 2017 and Spring 2018) where other industry players the opportunity to learn from this groundbreaking project trip, thus contributing to the development of a more sustainable and circular fashion industry.