As member of the global industry network Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), Mistra Future Fashion is engaged in Transparency related work, and was also part of an open stakeholder dialogue on Transparency in Borås.


The conference was arranged by The Swedish School of Textiles and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition with purpose to engage a diverse group of expert stakeholders, including academics, students, industry experts, civil society, governmental organizations, NGOs, and many others in a dialogue.

Transparency is the current buzzword in the apparel, textiles and footwear industry. The industry and the academic world agree transparency is a crucial driver for change and the demand for harmonized, comparable and trustworthy sustainability information is increasing. The conference aimed to discuss what do we mean when we refer to transparency of sustainability efforts? Do we all have the same understanding?  What are the expectations that should be met? How do we involve consumers in our efforts?

To help facilitate the dialogue panelists shared their efforts and best practice examples. It included participation of Bruno Pieters, Founder, Honest By, Sofie Schop , Senior Manager Transparency Projects, Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Hendrik Alpen, Sustainability Business Expert Stakeholder Engagement, H&M, Sigrid Barnekow, Program Director, Mistra Future Fashion, Sandy Black, Professor of Fashion and Textile Design and Technology, Center of Sustainable Fashion, London College of Fashion, Sarah Ditty, Head of policy, Fashion Revolution.

The event is recorded and available to watch here