Stockholm, March 14th 2017. Mistra Future Fashion announces that TEXAID becomes industry partner in the research program. TEXAID is one of Europe’s leading organizations for the ecological collection, sorting and recycling of used textiles. TEXAID will support the research within recycling by contributing with their vast experience on textile flows and materials, and provide used textiles as raw material for the research.

“TEXAID and Mistra Future Fashion share the collective vision to close the loop in fashion and clothing. The recycling of used textiles would mean a big step for conserving natural resources and reducing environmental pollution. Guided by our vision, we constantly work to optimize our processes and quality standards. We aim to further increase our high second-hand value and make sure to keep used clothes, shoes and home textiles in a closed loop.”, says Martin Böschen, CEO of TEXAID.

“The possibility to access the competence and realistic materials from one of Europe’s leading organizations of used textiles is very valuable in order to get a holistic perspective and relate our research to the actual market and its needs” says Hanna de la Motte, researcher and leader of Recycling theme in Mistra Future Fashion.