Oct 12, members of Mistra Future Fashion and other relevant actors met in a workshop on policies to promote green business models (theme 3: User), and increased recycling (theme 4: Recycling). The workshop took place at the Swedish EPA’s office in Stockholm. Inspiring speakers from Houdini, Nudie Jeans and the Swedish EPA, set the scene for the workshop after which group split into parallel sessions dealing with two policy angles. 
Task leader David Watson from PlanMiljø led interactive work on policy measures to promote business models such as leasing, repair, sharing etc. that extend products’ active lifetimes. 10 potential policy instruments were discussed and their potential impact and ‘do-ability’ estimated. Smaller groups then worked on staking out two of these: identifying stakeholders, winners and losers, obstacles to implementation and how they could be overcome. 
Task leader Maria Elander from IVL, led a session on policies for increased textile recycling in Sweden; assessing a selection of policy measures regarding potentials to increase fibre-to-fibre recycling, crucial aspects and main challenges and barriers for adoption. Stakeholder input feed into the impact assessment of two selected policy measures (or combinations of policy measures). 
The outcome of the two tasks will be published during 2017.