Mistra Future Fashion enters in June phase 2 and a new re-defined program is put forward. At the same time there are also some organizational modifications from the phase 1 setup. As phase 1 ends, the program for sustainable fashion has reviewed its results so far. Last four years have been productive, new knowledge has been developed and cross-fertilization between participants in the industry and academia, as well as over different sectors, has taken place. The program has done a midterm evaluation summarizing relevant learnings and adjustments. Outcome is a new program plan and work structure for phase 2 with re-defined focus and scopes. At the same time some organizational changes are made.


The program will focus on circular economy and primary four main research themes: Design, Supply chain, Consumer and Recycling.The new plan will be presented to all partners and stakeholders in September.

The organizational change means that Dr. Åsa Östlund steps up to Program Director from her previous role as Deputy Program Director and Dr. Mats Westin, former Program Director, continues to support the management as Senior Advisor. The new management team from June 2015 consists of Åsa Östlund as the Program Director, Sigrid Barnekow, Deputy Program Director and Communication Manager, and Dr. Susanne Sweet, as Research Manager.

Åsa will start up phase 2 during the summer but will then be on maternity leave until June 2016 and Dr. Gustav Sandin Albertsson will be Acting Program Director in her place during this period.


Sigrid Barnekow, Deputy Program Director and Communications Manager: sigrid.barnekow@mistrafuturefashion.com, +46 (0)10-516 5468