LCA for the fashion industry

Watch the webinar from May 17, 2016 where the Mistra Future Fashion researchers Gustav Sandin Albertsson and Sandra Roos share approaches and important discoveries.

In 2015 Mistra Future Fashion presented an LCA study of five garments that –for the first time- were scaled up to give figures on the environmental impact of fashion consumption at the national level. The study is comprehensive: from fiber production to waste management, from climate change to chemicals.
The one hour webinar with 20 minutes of Q&A is only available in Swedish. But the full report in English is available here.

planetary boundaries for fashion (new)

For the first time ever, planetary boundaries have been used as a foundation to set targets on product level. In an hour-long video, researcher Gustav Sandin Albertsson outlines the procedure, assumptions and arguments made concerning the planetary boundaries as well as how it can be beneficial for the fashion industry.

Based on the article “Using the planetary boundaries framework for setting impact-reduction targets in the LCA contexts” (2015)