pencil--245xThe Mistra Future Fashion research project, “Changing Markets & Business models for sustainable fashion” at Copenhagen Business School, has been granted additional funding for further development of educational tools by Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science – Udlodningsmidler 2015.

The grant, of DKK 239.000, was applied by and allocated in partnership with the competence center By X, Afdelingen for Bæredygtig Udvikling – Miljøtjenesten, Københavns Kommune and “Skoletjenesten” at the Danish Museum of Art and Design.

The support is intended for the development of educational material on sustainable fashion and business models. The target group is teenagers in the age 14-17 years attending the Danish Folkeskole and/or courses run by Skoletjenesten at the Danish Museum of Art and Design.

The materials that will be developed will be based on learnings from the last 4 years of research primarily conducted in the “Changing Markets & Business models” project, as well as the overall research results generated by the Mistra Future Fashion program for sustainable fashion.

The direct output will be video, text, and facilitated workshops. The material will be developed in such way that teachers and educators can choose between a number of packages and activities to allow bigger flexibility in terms of schedules and time available.

Additional reading

Read more about the funding at Udlodningsmidler’s website