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Sarah Netter at Copenhagen Business School successfully defended her doctoral thesis in Organization and Management in 2016; “Exploring the Sharing Economy”. She was supervised by Associate Professor Wencke Gwozdz and Professor Esben Rahbek Gjerdrum Pedersen at Copenhagen Business School. The thesis is dedicated to provide a more nuanced understanding of the micro- and macro-level tensions that characterize the sharing economy. Sarah concludes that the fate of the sharing economy primarily depends on two factors. Firstly, on the ability of stakeholders to resolve tensions and arrive at a more nuanced and less normative discourse – one that will largely inform the ways in which sharing initiatives can be supported and regulated. Secondly, on the ability of policy-makers and sharing initiatives to shift consumer mindsets from ownership to access in order to increase the adoption of these new consumption practices, while simultaneously reducing overall consumption levels and contributing to sustainable development.

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