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A new study have been recently published which can help future LCA studies to provide relevant guidance towards environmentally benign chemical management in the textile industry. The article, written by Sandra Roos and Christina Jönsson from Swerea IVF and Hanna Holmqvist and Rickard Arvidsson from Chalmers, presents both a strategy for how to provide a complete set of toxicity characterisation factors for a given list of substances and a set of characterisation factors for common textile-related substances. The data source selection strategy provides a structured and transparent way of calculating additional factors for textile chemicals with USEtox. Via this article, Mistra Future Fashion makes a strong scientific contribution directly into the on-going methodology development of LCA and toxicity. The article ”USEtox characterisation factors for textile chemicals based on a transparent data source selection strategy” is published in The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment. Read it here.