We are delighted to announce that Mistra Future Fashion grows. We welcome four new industrial partners to the program. All of them put sustainable fashion in the centre of what they do and will be able to contribute uniquely to the research in sustainable fashion.

Four new industrial partners join Mistra Future Fashion. The four new partners are Nudie Jeans – pioneer in sustainable fashion, Swedish Stockings – the challenger who made a comet launch with sustainability at the forefront of their business, Curatorz – online actor who wants to change consumers’ views on sustainable fashion, and The Swedish Consumers’ Association – communication veterans in the field of sustainable fashion.

“Sustainable fashion is on the agenda like never before. More fashion companies want to better understand how they can advance in their sustainability efforts and it is extremely valuable for us to understand what they do. With these four new partners we are able to take part of new business models and communication about sustainable fashion, to a greater extent. And we can take on new challenges concerning chemical recycling, as well.” Says Sigrid Barnekow, program director of Mistra Future Fashion, ”We look forward to a fruitful cooperation”.

Mistra Future Fashion is in its second phase (2015-2019) and has gone from a dozen partners in phase 1 to over 32 industrial partners in phase 2 and has an ambition to continue to grow and influence even more. The program has a team of about 30 researchers and participation by industry partners that is free of charge, but the time invested is estimated as “in-kind” value. Industry Partners Involvement is vital to ensure the relevance of the research. The scope of the research has mutually been agreed by scientists and the industry. Unique to the program is its system perspective.

Sustainable fashion; Nudie Jeans; Swedish Stockings; Curatorz; Swedish Consumers' Association