SB_x245Starting June 2015 the research program Mistra Future Fashion is strengthened by Sigrid Barnekow, by joining the management team as Deputy Program Director and Communication Manager.

Mistra Future Fashion for sustainable fashion enhances the management of the research program by recruiting Sigrid Barnekow to the role of Deputy Program Director and Communications Manager. Recruitment involves increased focus on communication of the program. Sigrid comes from the business sector as Senior Communications Manager from Procter & Gamble, and is expected to strengthen the management and communication of the program.

“There is a need to make our voice heard more and with Sigrid’s communications skills, we believe she will make a difference in the future, for both to partners as well as to other externally interested” says Dr Mats Westin, Program Director. “She has further also a genuine interest in fashion and sustainability issues that we believe will also be a great resource for the program.”

“I believe we humans still want to continue using clothing as an expression of who we are, and thus fashion will continue to play important role in expressing our identity. However, the conditions needs to change, the whole value chain must become sustainable, “says Sigrid Barnekow.  “Mistra Future Fashions cross-disciplinary focus and vision to enable the systemic change in the fashion industry inspires me greatly, and I’m very happy to be part of this incredibly exciting challenge.”

Also, the Mistra Future Fashion management group gets updated; Dr Mats Westin, Program Director, hands over the responsibility to Dr Åsa Östlund, today’s Deputy Program Director, and Mats continues in the role as Senior Advisor. The new management team consists as 1st of June by Åsa Östlund as the Program Director, Sigrid Barnekow, Deputy Program Director and Communication Manager, and Dr Susanne Sweet, as Research Manager.