2018 is off to a promising start. During the first three weeks of the New Year representatives from Mistra Future Fashion have been presenting their work at three different international arenas. From micro-plastics in Gothenburg to climate action plans at the UNFCCC in Bonn, the industry is coming together for a more sustainable 2018

On January 12th Dr Sandra Roos from Mistra Future Fashion and Swerea IVF partook in a debate on micro-plastics held at Johannesberg Science Park in Gothenburg. The question of micro-plastics is an important topic highlighted on multiple arenas right now. A few days later the, on January 16th, a new strategy for plastics was published by the EU Commission in Brussels titled “A European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy”. During the upcoming years Sandra Roos will continue her work within the specific field of micro-plastics and textiles at Swerea IVF. To find out more, please read the latest report.

On January 15th Mistra Future Fashion’s Sigrid Barnekow and Dr Gustav Sandin Albertsson was invited to speak at the Embassy of Sweden in Berlin. The topic of the event was “The Future of Fashion – all eyes on fibre innovation” and Gustav Sandin Albertsson had the opportunity to present the Blend Re:wind process in more details.

Continuing in Berlin Gustav Sandin Albertsson partook in the two day conference FashionSustain during Berlin Fashion Week. As a part of the headline “Run for Circularity” Gustav presented the Mistra Future Fashion program focusing again on the Blend Re:wind textile-to-textile recycling process.

On January 16th and 17th our Program Director Sigrid Barnekow was invited to act as a moderator for the first ever global discussion around climate action for the fashion sector held at the UNFCCC in Bonn. The aim of this meeting was to open up the international dialog amongst a large number of invited stakeholders from within the fashion industry. To enable a systemic change and work towards fully closing the loop collaboration across borders and industries are crucial. The work towards a better fashion industry will proceed within the UNFCCC and we are honored to be a part of the process. More info about this project will follow in the next week.