We are happy to support the Swedish industry initiative ‘Encouragement for Action’ to continue motivate sustainability within the fashion industry. 

Based on the 17 UN global sustainability goals and the importance of acting and talking about the pressing issue of sustainability in the fashion industry, Stockholm Fashion District announces the initiative Encouragement For Action. Together with key organizations and stakeholders, the initiative will highlight and encourage Swedish companies working towards a more sustainable industry. Selected companies and brands will be highlighted based on their innovative performance in business model, idea, product or project. Stockholm Fashion District highlights that the award is also to be seen as an incentive to continue and develop already started processes for a more sustainable fashion industry.

Sigrid Barnekow, Program Director at Mistra Future Fashion is member of the award in the category “Closing the Loop”.  She is accompanied by Adrian Zethraeus from Re:textile, Cecilia Tall from Teko and Jessica Johanneson from Stockholm Fashion District.  Additional categories are “Fashion retail talks sustainability”, “Fashion Tech” and “Value-bearing sustainability”.

In August, the nominees in each category will be presented and afterwards, the Encouragement for Action award will be distributed to the winners. The prize ceremony will be held on August 15 at Stockholm Fashion District’s premises in Nacka Strand.