A wide range of business models aiming at extending the lifetime of a garment have emerged in recent years. In a new report researchers within Mistra Future Fashion evaluate business models within reuse, collective use and prolonged lifetime in order to define drivers, strengths, weaknesses and factors of success. What business models can really extend the lifetime of a garment?

This report highlights the obstacles and possibilities of present industry initiative. Low awareness amongst consumers and suppliers is identified as one of the key difficulties. Furthermore are business models within leasing, repair and re-design essentially dependent on access to free material and voluntary workers in order to make a profit. Stakeholders see a current lack of incentives and policy measures supporting these businesses. By emphasizing these needs we can take the next step forward.

The evaluation is made by IVL and PlanMiljø.  Authors are Maria Elander, David Watson and Anja Charlotte Gylling. To read the full report, please click here. For further information contact authors directly.