Sustainable fashion; Local production; Roundtable; Consumer

Mistra Future Fashion was co-hosting a roundtable event in Copenhagen, with the purpose of exploring the framework of the network of manufacturers across the Nordic countries and Manufacture NY, an organization aiming with the use of local production, to create a transparent, sustainable global supply chain as well as foster new businesses. The roundtable discussion was based on theme 3 “how users contribute to a more sustainable fashion”, focusing on the barriers and opportunities in local fashion production. To date there is little available knowledge on how consumers actually value local fashion products, and therefore the purpose of this specific part of the research is to examine to what extent local manufacturing are in sync with dominant consumer values and attitudes.

This will be included in a report about Barriers & Opportunities on Local production and about consumers’ attitude, in June 2017, by Copenhagen Business School and is led by Esben RG Pedersen.